Tips for Keeping a Clean Coop

Chickens are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases. There are many ways to help prevent diseases from spreading through your flock, such as avoiding adding new birds frequently, and keeping other birds away from the flock. You can also prevent illness by following these simple coop-cleaning tips.

Before using a disinfectant, clean all surfaces with a detergent. Disinfectants work best on already cleaned surfaces. Using a detergent by itself, however, does not ensure that any diseases have been killed.

Disinfectants need at least half an hour to destroy the organisms that cause diseases. Allow everything to dry before using them, and then allow the product enough time to do its work.

The disinfectant solution should be warm when used, to help break up residue on the surfaces.

Follow any instructions included with the disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide, iodine and chlorine are common disinfectants.

Also remember to keep a close eye on the flock. At any signs of disease, quarantine infected birds, and disinfect the coop.