Protect Your Japanese Maples

Beautiful additions to any landscape, Japanese Maples will look their best when given some protection during our hot, dry summers. As the weather becomes hotter and drier, your Japanese Maples may show signs of heat stress with the development of crispy leaf edges and/or leaf drop.When planting a Japanese Maple, choose a location that receives morning sun only and has some protection from strong winds. Full afternoon sun and windy conditions will quickly stress plants and reduce leaf color.

Mulching will help to retain moisture and cool root zones. Apply 2-3 inches of mulch under your Japanese Maples, extending out to the drip line. Be sure to keep the mulch several inches away from the tree’s trunk to avoid fungus problems and crown rot.

Another way to keep your Japanese Maples looking their best is to use Bonide Wilt Stop to help minimize moisture loss from leaves. The best time to apply Bonide Wilt Stop is in early summer when Japanese Maples are in peak condition, before they start showing signs of suffering from heat stress. Make your applications early in the day or on an overcast day to avoid leaf burn. Apply monthly through the hottest part of the year and your beautiful trees will look gorgeous heading into the fall season.