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Garden Calendar

Draw up your garden plans – this is the time to dream and scheme! Winter pruning on a sunny day can give life and bloom to neglected or overgrown shrubs. However, don’t prune spring-blooming plants like forsythia, azaleas or rhododendron as you will be cutting off the coming blooms. Holiday plants like poinsettia, amaryllis and […]


Pruning Fundamentals

Tree Pruning- The first thing to look for when pruning a tree is broken, diseased or dead branches, all of which should be removed. The next thing to be concerned with are suckers and water sprouts. Suckers can be either bottom suckers coming from the root system or growths originating from the trunk. In either […]


Dormant Pruning

Late winter pruning is often recommended for many trees and shrubs. Pruning the plants while they are dormant is less stressful for the plant and it’s also easier to view the structure of deciduous trees and shrubs without their leaves. It’s also a time of the year when late winter sunshine makes us all long […]