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Family Gardening: Attracting Wildlife to the Garden

Attracting wildlife to the home garden is an enjoyable and creative way to teach children about nature, evoke their respect for the environment and provide meaningful family together time. THE BASICS All wildlife requires three things for survival: food, water and cover. FOOD Native trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers provide the foliage, nectar, pollen, berries, […]


Flirting with Spring

In January and February, winter flirts with spring on occasional warm days. Quince, Forsythia, and Pussy Willow begin to emerge from dormancy. With this slight swelling of buds, it is time to cut a few branches to bring spring indoors! To force branches, select plants like those listed below that have set their buds in […]


The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

Were you aware that there has been extensive research done regarding the benefits of plants in the workplace? With full time employees spending approximately 1/4 of their lives at work it is important that these buildings provide an environment of beauty, health and comfort. Studies confirm that there are both physiological and psychological benefits to […]